An ERP System for Complex Manufacturing and Supply Chain Processes

IFS Applications is an ERP system that covers the entire flow and all processes of a company while transforming complicated ordering and manufacturing processes into a streamlined and manageable flow both in terms of operations and finance.

IFS Applications is based on four main pillars:

  • Projects
    • Project and order producing companies
    • Advanced revenue recognition methods
    • Configuration
  • Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing companies with complex processes
    • E.g. process industries with recipes, traceability, control plans, etc.
    • Make-to-order manufacturing models, e.g. with intercompany trade
  • Service & Asset
    • E.g. for service providing companies
    • Proactive and reactive maintenance
    • Summation and re-invoicing of incurred costs
  • Supply Chain:
    • E.g. companies with international sales and manufacturing subsidiaries and intercompany trade

This solution diversity integrated in IFS Applications allows for companies to restructure, refocus, form new partnerships, or expand with new functions without the need to acquire and adapt to a different IT system. Whether your company is establishing a subsidiary or changing focus from a manufacturing to a project-oriented strategy, such new challenges can be met within IFS Applications by adapting your existing solution, typically through module additions and modifications.

A Module-Based Structure

The flexibility of IFS Applications is rooted in its module-based architecture. This allows for a customised solution built from modules specifically relevant for your company and easily adaptable to match any future organisational changes and needs.

User Interface

IFS Applications presents a contemporary browser-based user experience through an intuitive interface setup created with the user in mind to improve manageability and strengthen employee commitment.